Looking for a quick learning junior dev? That's me! Take a look below.

I have college computer science experience as well as self-taught concepts in web dev and computer science. I am expanding my knowledge with math and algorithms. I look forward to hearing from you.




Keyframe animations, transitions, etc. CSS is pretty cool.


Can't wait for version 4.


Started with ES5 and am starting to get the hang of ES6 and functional paradigms.


Beginner's understanding of Node and Express. Currently building apps with these technologies.


Learning Ruby and Rails for my current employment. Ruby is super clean and expressive


One of the oldest and most powerful web frameworks to date. Learning currently to catch up with the team.


The biggest community open source site on the web. Currently mastering its features.


Learning about environment variables and hosting web projects on the platform.


My favorite templating language. Excellent with Node and Mongo.


Learning the basics and adding a framework for working with Mongo, Mongoose.

React: Next to Learn

Once I finish with Node, Express, and Mongo I am starting React. Looking forward to the challenge!

Angular: Next to Learn with React

Angular is still an important front-end framework. Currently learning it to take advantage of its MVC capabilities.

Check out my Github.

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I am excited to learn and build innovative products. Expanding on my knowledge of working in a production environment currently and hoping to provide value to a front-end team.

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Tiffany White

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