Tiffany White

Front-end Web Developer


I am a self-taught developer and a previous Computer Science major at the University of Pittsburgh, unfinished. I am currently working with front-end technologies like JavaScript and front-end frameworks like React and Redux. I’ve also worked with Node and its templating language Express and databases such as MongoDB and ORMs like Mongoose. My goal is to work as a software developer on a remote team.



Have built several small apps in JavaScript and jQuery.


Have worked with MongoDB on the backend of a tutorial site and my current project.


Have used Node through Express to write some of the backend of my Check Yo Self project.

Frameworks & Libraries

  • React
  • Redux
  • Rails


The Practical Dev

Software Engineering Intern

Nov 2017-Feb 2018

Worked on the publishing platform and community as an apprentice developer. Worked on improving the codebase and implementing small features such as the CodePen embeds using Rails and the CodePen API.


Check Yo Self



Creating a markdown grammar checker using Write Good open source library, Toast UI markdown editor, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and React with the Material UI React library. Currently in development, hosted on Heroku.

Wikipedia Viewer


March 2018

Built a wikipedia search tool using the Wikipedia API and jQuery/AJAX. Currently rewriting using the Fetch API.


University of Pittsburgh

Computer Science — 2015-2017, unfinished

Tiffany White — [email protected] — (412) 654 3356